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 “We create our success or failure on the course, primarily by our thoughts


Avoid the trap off the tee, negotiate the green-side hazard, trust the line of this breaking putt, do not leave this shot short; this is a game full of challenging and different situations.

We know from Gary Player (quote above) that the psychological side of golf is closely linked to the way we play, and the outcomes we experience.

Working on the psychological side of the game is not just reserved for elite players. It is true that many touring professionals use sport psychology and sport psychologists. But did you know that many coaches and amateur golfers (the world over) find value in this too? We think it is about time you joined them.

Think back to your last round.

At any point did you; feel a need to forget a previous shot? try to ignore (or downplay) the outcome? attempt to manage a distraction? or struggle to focus on something helpful (a thought or feeling) to serve the shot that you were intending to play?

Although the way you negotiate specific golfing situations can feel quite fixed (e.g. you were either successful or not), it is important to keep in mind that these challenge our ability to focus upon what matters most, in the moment. Without this focus, our performance (and our enjoyment) suffers.

Regardless of whether you are a professional, a coach, a competitive amateur, a club player, or new to this game, developing your ability to think clearly can help you to successfully negotiate the myriad of challenges this game creates.

Think Clearly. By Choice.

When we step back and look at any one of the challenges presented by the game of golf, it would be hard to argue against the fact that each shot requires a some technical, tactical, physical, psychological, and social skill. Whilst we know that these skills that can be developed, many players don’t actively work on this side of the game. In our experience, they don’t know how, forget to, or simply don’t know where to access the right support.

To ‘think clearly’ can mean different things to each and every player. Some players feel a need to get themselves into the right ‘zone’. Others want to use a specific thought to focus on. Some even, work towards having quiet mind. Many simply want to be thinking of nothing.

Here at Think Clearly Golf we strive to support every golfer (regardless of your level) to help them to choose how they want to think. Firstly, we encourage players to approach the game with openness. Secondly, we help players stay present when they play. Finally, we support players to do what matters most (to them) when they need to.

In a game that provides so much variety – it is vital that you are able to think clearly at the right times. No matter what your thinking ‘preference’, your ability to think clearly is unique to you. Isn’t it time to turn this into a competitive advantage?

We help golfers to Think clearly. By Choice.

Take control of the psychological side of your game.

Working on the psychological side of your game is much easier that you think. You just need to be armed with the appropriate information and resources. Whether you are looking to grow your game, perform better, or simply increase your enjoyment, we’ve got you covered. 

Created by James Lambdon, a Chartered Sport Psychology registered with the HCPC; Think Clearly Golf is the first platform of its kind. This unique platform is home to hundreds of informative articles, explainer videos, personal development plans, and golf specific strategies created by a range of Chartered Psychologists with expertise in sport psychology.

Think Clearly Golf offers a range of practical focussed digital downloads, unlimited access to a members area, performance cards, and a monthly suggested strategy newsletter. However seriously you take the development of the psychological side of your game – we have you covered.

Take control of the psychological side of your game. Play the golf you know you are capable of.

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