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Take Control of the Psychological Side of your Golf Game

Mindset is a skill that can be developed with practice. Over the years we have learnt that the best way for golfers to develop the psychological side of their game lies out on the golf course, through lived golfing experience. We created a range of performance cards that can be used in both practice and out on the golf course helping your to leverage your golfing experience for the development of the psychological side of your game.

Round Highlights Card (10 cards)

The more clearly you can see what your ‘BEST’ golf looks like, the more likely you are to start making moves towards it. Our Round Highlights card helps you to reflect upon what has gone well in your last round.

Habit Tracker Card (10 cards)

Your current performance level (be it good, great, bad, or ugly) has been created over time by your collection of golf habits. Our Habit Tracker card helps you to track and change their golf habits.

Performance Review Card (10 cards)

Whether practising or playing, actively reviewing your performance is a way to take your game to a new level. Our Performance Review Card helps you to set goals based upon your recent performances.

Practitioners Pack (60 cards)

Are you looking for a way to start (or continue) the golf psychology conversation with your clients? Our Coaches/Practitioners Pack provides a selection of all three of our performances cards, helping you to help your clients.