Psychological Skills

Whether you are looking to reduce the number of putts you take, improve the accuracy of your driving, increase your confidence over bunker shots, or maintain your composure under pressure, your golfing habits underpin your golf game.

“We are what we repeatedly do”
(Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit)
– Aristotle –


When applied to golf, the wisdom of Aristotle (the Greek philosopher) highlights a well-known truth. At any given time, the level of your golf game IS the result of all your golfing habits.

This means that your performance level today (be it good, great, bad, or ugly) has been created over time by your collection of golf habits.

Habits are trends in our thoughts and actions that are formed gradually over time.

Repeated interactions between our thoughts, our actions, and the environment we are in, form our habits, many of which can be automatic responses ‘triggered’ by the environment we find ourselves in (1).

Here at Think Clearly Golf we think that…

Golf habits are patterns in thoughts and actions we develop throughout our golfing journey

This could be through playing, practicing, reflecting on, or preparing for, golf.

If you are searching for a better golf game or simply feel capable of playing better; a change to your existing habits or engaging in journey to build new habits should be where you choose to focus your attention next. Happy with your current game? Then you need a working knowledge of what you need to maintain to keep doing what you are doing.

Why develop your Golf Habits

Your golf habits have developed gradually over time through your repeated interactions with different ‘golfing’ situations (be that training or practice; competitive or social golf). The golf habits you hold are typically different to other players and are directly related to your current golf performance level.

In addition, what many players do not know is that habits and goals are closely linked. In fact, according to researchers at Duke University (1):

• Our habits and goals interact.
• Our habits inform our goals.
• Our goals direct our habits.

Although many players tend to set, review, and reward their goals, few choose to look at their habits

Another really interesting thing about habits is that information we gain from our environment, be that about our past performance/s, the location of our previous performance/s, a sequences of preceding actions, and even the presence of particular people can ALL trigger our habits (1).

This means that many of the thoughts and actions we have when practising or out on the course can happen automatically, without us knowing too much about it.

And that is where Think Clearly Golf come in. We have created a Habit Tracker card for golfers just like you.

How to develop your Golf Habits

Very few golfers are fully aware of how their habits influence their golfing enjoyment and performance. Given that our golf habits are things we have control over, and can change over time, it is crazy to think that more golfers are not looking at their habits as major opportunities to develop their game.

With many habits are occurring automatically, it is unsurprising that many players have limited awareness of which of habits are helpful and which are unhelpful. To effectively develop your golf habits requires you to first track, then review your current habits to work increasing your use of the habits that help (and you want to keep) and reduce those that are unhelpful habits.

You cannot improve what you cannot see.

To review and refine your golf habits requires you to track what is working and what is not, in doing so provide you with feedback. The best golfers in the world focus on their thoughts and actions. They know that habits dictate development, progress, and performance levels. Why not join them?

Use Our Habit Tracker Method

Tracking habits is considered an impactful practice that creates satisfying visual cues which motivation us as we can see our progress (2).

Our habit tracker is inspired by your typical golf scorecard, the psychology of habits, and golfer’s preference for practical strategies they can use to develop their game.

To get the most from our method of tracking habits, we have created a three-step process, providing you with a focus BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your round.

Rather than tell you what to focus on, when tracking your golf habits, it can be equally useful to focus on both the things you want to do more of, or things you want to do less of.

The Habit Tracker from Think Clearly Golf is a method designed to help you understand and develop your golf game by working on your golf habits. Use our method to track, build, and maintain the habits that support you to play the golf you know that you are capable.

Our Habit Tracker supports you to make the small steps towards the golf game you know you are capable of.

Download the instructions for our habit tracking method here –How to use the Golf Habit Tracker.

Get hold of our habit tracker here – TCG Products

The Think Clearly Golf Habit Tracker Card.

(1) Wood, W., & Neal, D. T. (2007). A new look at habits and the habit-goal interface. Psychological Review, 114(4), 843–863.
(2) Clear, J. (2018). Atomic Habits. Random House Business