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Why trying to concentrate for a full round of golf is a waste of time

One of the most common reasons for underperformance in golf is attributed to momentary or prolonged lapses in concentration. So what can you do about this, and how do you prevent this from happening? You start, by changing the way you look at concentration and the demands of the game…


What should I look for in a Sport Psychologist?

A practitioner’s knowledge, experience, competence, training background, professional accreditation, and qualification level are all vital components when selecting your sport psychologist. But many golfers don’t know where to start and what to look for. This is where Think Clearly Golf comes in…


Build a robust routine

The concept of routines is pretty common in golf. With numerous instances all over the golf course that require the repeat of specific shots (e.g. a series of 9 or 18 tee shots), it is highly likely that golfers of all abilities have their own shot routine.


A change of competition format requires a change in your mindset

Have you ever considered that a change in mindset may better suit the demands of an upcoming competition? Using the advice provided within this article, you can do just this.