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Two ways to rethink your practice in winter

A well-informed approach to practice can support you to perform to your best during your next round. In contrast, a practice regime that requires no thought can hinder your future performance and hold you back. It is surprising to highlight therefore, that few golfers are aware of, and even fewer golfers consider the ways that practice can impact our thinking.


What are you thinking? (Introducing Think Aloud)

How tracking your thoughts can benefit your game…
At this early stage of the year many golfers are in the same position as you.


Three tips from the English Men’s County Finals Weekend 2017

Between the 29th September – 1st October 2017 Trevose Golf Club in Cornwall hosted the English Men’s County Finals. Contested by Hampshire, Somerset, Staffordshire and Northumberland, the 2017 tournament provided a collection of heart stopping moments, closely fought games, and fantastic golfing performances across the three-day format of morning foursomes and afternoon singles.