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The benefits of thinking clearly

To better understand the benefits to thinking clearly, Think Clearly Golf has teamed up with Tom Davies, a PGA Advanced Professional, coach educator and researcher. Tom holds a masters degree in Sports Coaching and PhD in Sport Psychology and has kindly offered some insight into his research, and suggests different ways you can think clearly more often.


Use stats to improve your game

In the digital age the availability of such technology it has never been easier (and in many cases, cheaper) for you to assess and monitor your performance. But just because we can, does that mean we should? And, if you are honest with yourself, do you really know why you take them or how to use them?


Pay attention to the details that matter: How to improve your focus

How many times have you focussed so hard on the line of a putt, that when it comes to hitting it, you get the weight of the putt wrong and end up missing it?
Such experiences offer insight into the nature of your attention and demonstrates how your ability to focus can work for or against you.


A beginner’s guide to imagery

Many golfers want to know more about the psychological skill, imagery. And who would blame them. On multiple occasions, throughout the 2019 Masters at Augusta, references were made (from former players and coaches) outlining how the champion, Tiger Woods uses this psychological skill to help him execute his desired shot.