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Five Reasons Why Putting is Difficult

Many golfers tend to think of putting as an important part of their game, and in many cases, their reasons for doing so varies widely from player to player. Think of your own game, what you’ve seen in the media, and what you see the pro’s do. Many players (professional and club players alike) attribute.


10 Steps to Self Confidence

One of the most researched relationships with the field of sports psychology is the link between sporting performance and self-confidence. Time and time again greater levels of self-confidence are linked to greater levels of performance. Like many golfers, you are likely to be aware of the impact that your level of self-confidence can have within.


3 Steps to increase your motivation levels

One of the most talked about topics in golf psychology during this time is that of motivation. We all have it. We have all been in situations when we knew we have it, or in fact we didn’t. But how do you actively develop it?