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Welcome to a membership platform with a difference

Think Clearly Golf is the first platform of its kind, offering golfers of all levels access to online psychological support created to help players to improve their golf games.

Aiming to provide access to the best in online psychological support tailored to golf, through articles, videos, development plans, from a qualified professional within the field of sport and performance psychology.

With an ever growing number of golfers utilising psychological support to benefit their game, it is clear that golf psychology is not just for professional players.

No amount of psychological support can be substituted for working on the technical and tactical side of your golf game. As is with these elements of your game. the psychological side is a skill in itself. Whether you are looking to develop a greater level of enjoyment in your game, for a greater level of performance, or simply wanting to be more consistent in your approach, working on the psychological side of your game can support you in your pursuit of a better golf game.

Think Clearly Golf is keeps things simple. This platform can help you to understand, develop, and refine the knowledge, skills, and abilities you need to support your golfing ambitions. Our range of personal development plans, video resources library, articles, how to guides, and more, is here to help you think clearly more often.


Written Articles

Our series of short and full length articles introduce you a wide range of important and influential golf psychology topics. Here you’ll learn about how to develop the skills, knowledge, and abilities to
support your pursuit of a better golf game.

‘How to’ Guides

Know there is an area of your mental game you need to develop, but unsure how to do it? Our how to guides provide you with a series of logical steps to follow to help you develop the skills you need. These are your blueprints to follow.

Videos & Interviews

Our wide range of videos and video interviews have been created to help you to take golf psychology on the go. Learn from other players. Learn from the best. Use these alongside your practice sessions to know what to put in place and when.

Training Plans

For those serious about the psychological side of their game, we have created a series of personal training plans for you to follow, to develop new and existing psychological skills. Helping you think clearly by choice, more often.

Support Packages

We support numerous amateur and professional golfers. Individual support packages are available for players, coaches, parents, and support staff upon request. Get in touch to receive a free information pack.

Meet The

James Lambdon: Founder
A Chartered Sport Psychologist with the BPS, registered with the HCPC, James is the founder of Think Clearly Golf and has an extensive experience of providing support to individual athletes, groups, teams, and organisations.

James created Think Clearly Golf to provide quality assured golf psychology support to players of all levels, from those beginning their journey in the game to professionals playing on tour.

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  • Written Articles
  • ‘How to’ Guides
  • Training Plans
  • Skills Tests
  • Video Interviews
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  • Written Articles
  • ‘How to’ Guides
  • Training Plans
  • Skills Tests
  • Video Interviews
  • Video Explainers
  • Tools & Strategies
  • 1-1 Support


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